Open Innovation Framework

Open Innovation is an idea assuming that companies or universities in the process of developing a new product should use external ideas and research results from their partners and consolidate them with their own internal ideas and research. Companies and universities can form consortia and develop a collaborative approach to create innovations based on the Open Innovation concept.

Based on this idea, InSecTT partners participated in the Open Innovation Contest, where they presented their final versions of components developed within the Open Innovation idea. Below are videos presenting the highest quality components from InSecTT’s partners.

CINI UNIROMA: Biometrics on the move

Gdansk University of Technology: Low-Cost energy-efficient reconfigurable antenna for 2.4 GHz wireless systems

Gdansk University of Technology: Scalable and reconfigurable payload for increased situational awareness for ships and vehicles

Gdansk University of Technology: Automatic measurements & inspection using small and low-cost robot

MDU & ABB: Federated learning framework based on random forest

MDU & ABB: Open dataset MIDAS

SAL, LCM, JKU & AVL: EPHESOS – Low-power deterministic wireless sensor network

Delft University of Technology: Hermes – Wind Energy Harvesting Wireless System for Sensing Angle of Attack and Wind Speed

University of Twente: Knowledge Transfer in Fingerprint-based Indoor Localization

Virtual Vehicle Research: vehicleCAPTAIN toolbox