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The considered business case covers the value chain, starting from CPS (Cyber Physical Systems) Manufacturers to the End Users. Each stakeholder has a specific role in the business case and obtains many benefits from being part of the value chain. CPS Manufacturers are the on-board technology providers, and they represent the main technology enabler for the business case, which is an opportunity for the CPS manufacturers to enter a new market or consolidate their presence in the transport sector

System Integrators are responsible to set up the end to end solution, that enables data collection, analysis and cloud-based services provisioning, upgrading the functionalities offered to Public Transport Operators (government agencies and/or private companies): 

  • Center application, real-time monitoring – improved remote management of all the vehicles that make up a company fleet. For each of them the user can consult live streams and send commands to the cameras (zoom on details, tilt)
  • Automatic alarm generation able to automatically detect the main “dangerous” behaviour on the bus
  • Integration with the AVM (Automatic Vehicle Monitoring) system, to compare information from the present system with data on the public transport service (routes, drivers, shifts, etc.)

End Users are the Public Transport Operators: they will have a direct positive impact due to the increased safety and security conditions, and the overall quality of service perceived by the passengers. The cloud solution introduces new business models when selling these services, allowing the reduction of costs and opening new opportunities for the stakeholders and for third parties. CPS manufacturers, system integrators and the end users will greatly benefit from remote control functionality, especially if, with reference to a limited set of maneuvers, these will be applicable:

  • on existing vehicles of various manufacturers
  • or, if possible, independently from the vehicle manufacturers, promoting standardization of basic remote control for safety critical conditions

LDO has been recently involved in several projects based on transportation and Machine Learning techniques. One of the main goals for Leonardo is to introduce InSecTT solutions (sensing, data acquisition and pre-processing, automatic alarms) not only on buses but also on trains, tram, metro and on Leonardos helicopters and aircrafts. Specific targeted actions will be put in place to ensure the correct exploitation of results, based on:

  • The definition of all marketable results
  • The fine tuning of market expected potential, also through the feedback received by end users
  • The commercial exploitation agreement that will be set up among involved partners
  • A final exploitation plan that integrates the marketable results, the exploitation agreement, and defines the roadmap for exploitation

Therefore, from the domain point of view, predicted quantifiable metrics and targets including end users are:

  • Timely trigger the stop of the bus in 30 seconds from the occurrence of dangerous situations (according to the speed of the vehicle and the road conditions the time may vary)

Qualitatively evaluating the safeness of the trip by interviewing passengers after the management of the danger with and without InSecTT solution. The aim is to reach a majority consensum towards the InSecTT danger management.

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