InSecTT will contribute heavily to the growth and competitiveness of the access control systems and building management industry. AI is the cutting edge of technology and will help bring features that existing products in the market do not have. Alarm detection based on profiles is something that current access control systems are lacking and can increase the market value for such systems. In addition, it will help expand the features of those systems from simple mechanisms that control access to a particular area, to process controls mechanisms where the user is required to follow a particular path in order for the process to be executed correctly. These will lead to a significant increase of the existing market penetration and contribute to the financial growth of European participants in the Building Control Systems industry.

Another beneficial factor is the job market. With the continuous increase of the deployment of AI systems more job positions will be opened for AI engineers and embedded engineers that are skilled and experienced in the implementation of machine intelligent systems. From the integration of the AI algorithms with the embedded systems, new processes will be delivered on how to co-design systems and how to implement the features in small and constraint driven devices (microcontrollers).

Apart from the financial aspect the project will help with the integration of AI features in embedded devices. At the moment AI lies in the cloud in servers, where computational capacity is not a problem. Access control devices though are lacking powerful hardware and in some occasions are battery powered which means that algorithms should be simplified. Careful separation and architecture of the AI System should take place between the AI and Embedded engineers. The hard-computational parts of the learning and the implementation of new models will lie in the cloud while the dissemination of the data and the execution of the models will be integrated with the access control devices.

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