We are thrilled to announce the release of our new open access book, a comprehensive overview of the groundbreaking results from the InSecTT project!

This book provides a detailed insight into the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT), exploring how AI and IoT complement each other to create intelligent, secure, and trustworthy systems for industrial applications.

Key Highlights:

Main Topics: Learn how AI and IoT converge to form AIoT, discover our reference architecture, and understand the development of trustworthy, ethical AI systems.

Essential Technologies: Dive into the technological advancements enabling trustworthy AIoT systems.

Industry-Driven Use Cases: Explore real-world applications in smart infrastructure, automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, and more, demonstrated in environments like airports, trains, and ports.

This book not only showcases the innovative work done by leading industrial players, SMEs, and top-tier research organizations but also emphasizes Europe’s leading role in these domains.

Join us in exploring the future of AIoT and how it can revolutionize various industries with intelligent, secure, and reliable solutions.

You can freely access the book here.

Enjoy reading!

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In the European project InSecTT (Intelligent Secure Trustable Things), more than 50 partners from both industry and academia have collaborated